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Product ID: APHMantis
Control Number: 7303382
APH Mantis Q40: Fitted Leather Case with straps by Turtleback
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This Turtleback bonded leather carrying case is specifically designed for the Mantis Q40, ensuring a secure fit that prevents any unintended slips. Crafted to accommodate braille users, this custom case allows seamless interaction with the device even while it's enclosed, offering convenient portability through an attached comfortable strap.

We incorporated a non-slip material on the underside to prevent your Q40 from sliding on surfaces.  The case incorporates a zippered pocket cover that safeguards the front of your Mantis Q40.  This cover can be easily opened or closed using a magnetic closure system.  Additionally, the zippered pocket can be flipped to the back and fastened beneath the device, permitting users to employ the Mantis while on the move. This versatile pocket serves as a safe repository for earbuds and various accessories, providing extra protection and convenient storage.

Boasting remarkable durability and an exceptional design, this case ensures a snug hold on your Mantis Q40. It maintains accessibility to essential ports, such as data ports, headphones, and all keys. The zippered pocket proves handy for storing items like data cards and earbuds. Notably, the keyboard remains accessible even when the cover is open.

Suggested Retail Price: $145.95
Mice Price: $135.00
Weight: 1.0022 pounds
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