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Finally A Calendar You Can See
The E Z 2See Weekly Planner/ Organizer from E Z 2SEE Products
If you’re looking for a weekly Planner that is E Z 2 see, then you’ve come to the right place.
Do you wish you had a weekly planner/organizer calendar that
You could see and use independently without any sort of assistance?
Was conveniently sized so you could take it with you easily?
Had enough space so you could write big enough so you could see what was written?
If so, you need the E Z2See Weekly Planner/organizer Calendar!
Designed by the visually impaired for the visually impaired!
The features of this planner make it perfect for anyone with low or limited vision!
The E Z 2 See Weekly Planner/Organizer features: !
8 1/2” x 11” size pages
Black spiral bound so it lays flat
Laminated Cover and Back
No small, hard-to-read print; all print is 10 times larger than newspaper print
Black page edges – no more writing off the edge of the page
12 monthly pages with large-print U.S. holidays
Weekly pages for each week of 2016 and the first two weeks of 2017
8" by 3.25" area for each day's entries; the largest possible space for your daily notes
Pages labeled in multiple locations, spend less time finding the page you want
Six wide bold-lined pages at the end to use any way you want; phone numbers, addresses, personal notes, etc
Would this calendar help you or someone you care about?
Everyone with a schedule to keep, needs a calendar they can see and use independently
2017 E Z 2 See Planner Special
Get yours before they are sold out!
Special $20.95 while they last!
Get yours before they are sold out!
Order Your 2017 E Z 2 See Planner/Organizer Here Before They Are Gone! $20.95 Strength / Outdoorsmanship / Empowerment Freedom / Confidence / Mobility All Terrain Cane (ATC) The ATC looks like a standard white cane, white with red reflective material and aRed Roller Ball Tip , but it is so much more than just a white cane! Originally designed for the backcountry trails of Sedona, the All-Terrain Cane (ATC) excels everywhere life takes you! Whether you are on the beach or strolling on the boardwalk; navigating through a mall or cautiously moving along an icey sidewalk; hiking your favorite trails or climbing the mountain; crossing the fields or walking the country roads; the All Terrain Cane will get you there and back! at Work and at Play; the ATC is up to the challenge. Light weight & Super strong Collapsible and Adjustible. The All Terrain Cane is made out of a lightweight Titanium Alloy allowing it to do what a mobility cane is supposed to do! Terrain, Obstacles, Navigation. All in one surprisingly light & strong cane. Stronger than Aluminum & Graphite Canes! Adjustible between 51 and 61 inches Folds into three sections; 21 inches when collapsed 16 inch grip handle is built for both golf and ski pole grips giving you room to choke up/down when climbing. Strong enough for support The high-performance roller ball tip excels on all terrains and surfaces keeping you on the go. Every All Terrain Cane comes standard with a Red Roller Ball Tip installed. All Terrain Cane Specifications: (All dimensions include the length of the All Terrain Cane and Roller Tip) Shortest length (fully retracted): 51 inches (130 CM) Tallest length (fully extended): 61 inches (155 cm) Folded length: 21 inches Cane Weight with Roller Ball Tip:14.8 oz (418 grams) Three section folding cane with interchangeable cane tip Accepts Ambutech Cane Tips Elastic Cord reinforced with wire for added strength & durability Patent Pending PRE-ORDER Your ATC Now! Expected to begin shipping the week of February 6, 2023 Strength / Outdoorsmanship / Empowerment Freedom / Confidence / Mobility

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