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Amore Jewelry
Welcome to Amore Jewelry Jewelry Specials For Your Valentine! We offer earrings, pendants, bracelets, chains, earrings and even Toe Rings! Available in Gold and Silver! Quantities are limited If you don't find what you are interested in, give the order center a call 713 893-7277 between 9 AM & 4 PM CST Monday - Friday Free Shipping to U.S. Addresses! All Jewelry Custom Made by RC Jewelry Last Day to Order For Valentine's Day Delivery is February 3, 2019
come on in and  browse our wonderful collection of bracelets!
** Free Shipping for all U.S. Orders*

We have hundreds of Bangle bracelets that you will love...
Available in Pink, Yellow, Or White Tones, you will not be able to resist these charming polished solid brass expandable bracelets!
With themes from Birthstone to Zodiac Signs, 
Sports / Hobbies to Professional Occupations, 
and Initial to Faith / Hope, you will find many awesome themed bracelets that fit your personality!
Each Expandable Brass Bangle Bracelet has a precious dangling charm detailing its theme!
Please browse through our beautiful Bangle Bracelets!

Sorry International shipping is not available.
Free Shipping for all U.S. Orders

Blind Mice Mart
Blind Mice Mart
Welcome to Blind Mice Mart! Come on in and browse around!
You will find great items for the blind and visually impaired!
Blind Mice Mart is a proud sponsor of The Cooking In The Dark Show which can be heard weekly on a Reading Radio Service near you!
Shop Blind Mice Mart for the same great kitchen gadgets that Dale Campbell uses on the Cooking In The Dark Show!
Blind Mice Ships to the U.S. & Canada
Body Scentz
Welcome To Body Scentz!
100% Genuine Name Brand Designer Fragrances at Discount Prices!
Perfumes! Colognes! Bath & Body!
Don't Pay high department store prices-Save $$$ at BodyScentz.com!
Don't Fight the crowds at the Mall-Let Body Scentz Deliver Your Order To Your Door!
Free Shipping On All U.S. Orders over $60.00!

No Knock-Offs! No Imitations!
100% Genuine Name Brand Designer Fragrances!

Browse over 8,000 perfume, cologne & Bath and body products at BodyScentz.com!
Fast Shipping
U.S. Orders over $60.00 Ship Free* (U.S,. Orders Under $60.00 Ship For a Flat Rate of $7.95)
Blind Mice Members always save at Body Scentz!
Don't pay those high department store prices and fight the crowds at the Mall!
Order your favorite Name Brand Designer Perfumes, Colognes and Bath and Body Products from the comfort of your home and Have them delivered to your door!
Save $$$$ & Time!
Stress-Free shopping!
Place your order today at BodyScentz.com
International shipping is Available! Contact BodyScentz.com for International Shipping
Search for your favorite Designer...
Search for your favorite Brand Name...
Browse through the colognes and perfumes by the names of their designers.
All U.S. orders over $60.00 Ship Free by Standard Ground Delivery.
DannyBoy Smart Phone Stands
DannyBoy Portable Smart Phone & Device Stand The DannyBoy Portable Smart Phone Holder is IDEAL FOR HOLDING your Smart Phone ALOFT in a fixed and stable position for use with APPS like Seeing A/I and KNFB Reader It is ideal for taking pictures and images of items and documents, too. It holds your Smart Phone or device stationary allowing your device's camera to view items and documents clearly providing perfect recognition and imaging! It is lightweight and portable! It can be assembled for use or collapsed for transport in a matter of seconds! Developed for Blind, visually impaired and low vision Smart phone users, The DannyBoy Portable Smart Phone Holder is also wonderful for anyone with motor disabilities! It is perfect for everyone wanting clear, distortion free images and document recognition! Use it to hold your Smart Phone or Device stable and secure while operating Seeing A/I, KNFB reader, checkout 51 (imaging of receipts), imaging of documents, take a picture of an item or personal property for your records, or with DIGIT-EYES or another bar code reading ap for perfect recognition of bar codes. Its Open Frame Construction eliminates the need for additional lighting to illuminate the document or item under it. The DannyBoy Portable Smart Phone Holder works with any model iPhone or Android Smart phone! It can even work with other devices that have a camera. as there are many different sizes and models of Smart phones, an adjustable rail in the platform tray allows the DannyBoy to be changed to 3 different widths, (3 inches, 3 1/2 inches, or 4 inches) allowing it to hold your Smart Phone or device. The stand is made of Lightweight, sturdy plastic corner molding providing strength and stability and portability. It weighs less than 6 ounces! The DannyBoy Portable Smart Phone Holder's platform tray measures 10 inches by 4 inches and the adjustable rail allows the DannyBoy to hold phones from 3 inches wide to 4 inches wide. The DannyBoy measures 12 inches long overall and 13 and a half inches tall when standing at its full height. Its height is adjustable up to 13 1/2 inches high! This stand is portable! Just fold it closed and it will easily fit into a briefcase, computer bag, or backpack allowing it to be easily transported from place to place! It can be quickly set up and ready for use in a matter of seconds! Features: Adjustable width for platform tray (3, 3 1/2, or 4 inches) Height is adjustable up to 13 1/2 inches high Sturdy construction with locking nuts and bolts Requires no additional lighting Portable Lightweight and Collapsible design Designed and built by the Blind for the Blind
Order Your DannyBoy Portable Smart Phone & Device Stand Here; $39.99
DannyBoy Stands are shipped Free Matter For The Blind!
International Orders Welcome!

En-Vision Inc.-BarCode Readers
En-Vision Inc. - Assistive Technology for the Blind and Low-vision Community

  • The I.d. mate Galaxy Bar Code Readers are Available & shipping!

  • The I.D. Mate Galaxy is a portable “all-in-one” talking bar code scanner that aids visually or print impaired individuals with the identification of items by the product’s bar code or UPC. Users are able to access The I.D. Mate Galaxy's on-board database of over 3.5 million product descriptions. Voice recorded information can be added quickly and easily to existing products or to items not found in the database.
    Purchase the ID Mate Galaxy Talking Portable Bar Code Reader With Free Life Time Database Updates $1199.99
    Or Buy With The $99.99 Down/$100 month ID Mate Galaxy 12-month Purchase Plan
    Providing high-tech products aimed at solving problems for those with visual impairments. Our Mission… En-Vision is dedicated to creating unequaled value in the lives of its customers. We do this by applying new and creative technology to everyday problems of the visually impaired. With our products, it is our goal to make our customers more independent.
    Welcome to JJ Trading!
    Free Shipping on U.S. Orders Over $75.00* at JJ Trading
    At JJ TRADING. our product range is vast. JJ Trading is the place to shop for yourself or a gift for someone special!
    Please be our guest and Come on n and take a look at all our products!

    Housewares, Blankets, Bedding, Comforters, Sheets and more at JJ Trading!
    Don't forget our pillows! Body Pillows, Memory Foam Pillows Travel Pillows are just some of the pillows we have for you!
    Tools, Hardware, and Garage - JJ Trading has tools, storage and organization, and much more for you!
    Lawn and Garden - No matter if you are wanting to decorate and enhance your flower beds, porch or patio or do some working the yard, JJ Trading can help you get what you need to do both!
    Don't miss our selection of Solar Lights We will light up your world!
    Sporting Goods, Games, and Toys - JJ Trading has just what you need no matter how young or old you are!
    Health and Beauty - Jj Trading has a wide range of products available to keep you healthy and to help with what ails you!
    There are lots and lots of products waiting for you!
    All U.S. Orders over $75.00 Ship Free* at JJ Trading!Orders are
    Welcome to JOURNEYS
    Journeys is here to brighten your day!
    We use real earth crystals and essential oils for our creations!
    ^ New Unique Bracelets
    ^ New One of a Kind Necklaces added often-Check back to see them they are one of a kind and when they are gone, they are gone!
    ^ New Inspired Necklaces on a Mission
    ^ Pet Crystals for Well Being
    ^ New Room & Wellness Sprays
    We still have our old favorites too!
    Buy & Save!
    All Orders Ship for aflat rate of $7.59! (U.S. Orders Only)

    Whether you choose a beautiful necklace or bracelet, a bottle or two of our fragrant room sprays, an arthritis blend or another essential oil, a collection of healing crystals, or abundance oils, be assured each item will enhance your life.
    All items in the Your Eternal Essence line are made with pure, essential oils.
    These oils have been used since ancient times for medicinal, as well as psychological effects. Western pharmaceuticals are actually made out of some of the same plants from which the oils are distilled.
    Each bottle is hand blended by myself, Ann Bliss with love.
    We encourage you to browse the store. There is something for everyone! Perhaps it is a crystal solution pouch to reduce your blood pressure or one for peace and harmony. Give it a try! Beautiful Necklaces, Bracelets & Pendants Browse our elegant jewelry and you will find a bracelet, necklace or pendant that will enhance your spirit and accent your outer self too!
    Because we know your money is tight, all U.S. orders ship for $7.59
    Sorry, international shipping is not available.
    We welcome calls related to essential oils, pain management and other health issues.
    Please check back often as new items will be added...
    Happy shopping!
    Kane Kids Shop
    Welcome to Kane Kids Shop
    I am Joyce Kane, the owner of Kane Kids Shop.

    Please come right in and check out my unique embroidered items for your dogs and pets.
    Want to make a statement or dress up your dog guide and send a message at the same time? You definitly will want to check out our embroidered scarves for your partner!
    Available in an array of colors and patterns
      Have an idea for a “Special” saying and can’t find it? 
    Let us create it for you.   
    Looking for a fundraiser?
    We can help you reach your goal
    Sell our charming pet scarves complete with your custom embroidered design on them!
    Contact Us for more details! All orders embroidered upon order. Please allow 2 - 3 days for completion. We shipp all orders by Priority mail for a flat rate of $7.95 Sorry, international shipping is not available.
    Kustom Cane

    Welcome to Kustom Cane!
    Kustom Cane strives to provide it's customers with unique, personalized canes which comply with the White Cane Law while being trendy and stylish! Our customization includes mobility and walking canes of all type and isn't limited -- we even aspire to design the perfect harness for your beloved service dog!
    What is Cane Shield?
    Cane Shield is an exclusive product that extends the life of your cane many times over. Now you do not have to worry about beating up your Kustom cane! No more chipped up sections or peeling tape! Many of our customers have told us that after 5 years, their canes still look almost brand new! Cane Shield is a clear protective coating that protects your cane from wear and tear!Cane Shield is always added to your cane!
    Need help choosing a cane?
    If you're blind or partially sighted and need help choosing the right white cane for you, please check out this article! Enter Here to Read Article
    Coordinate your cane design or sports team themed cane with our colored handles! Colors include: Standard black, pink, and blue!
    New charms! Standard speaker charm.Smaller than a small egg! Use for listening to music, reading books, talking to friends, or use as a speakerphone for teleconferences! Price: $20 Colors such as pink, red, blue , and green available…
    Deluxe Bluetooth Speaker Charm! The smallest bluetooth charm you can get! The size of a game dice! Powerful punch for its size! Use to listen to music, talk to friends, read your emails, or as a speakerphone for meetings. Price:$30 Colors available are yellow,blue, and green! Our professional designer will contact you personally after your order is received.
    He will discuss with you the design of your customer cane!
    Do you have a favorite team?
    Kustom Cane can design a custom cane just for you and your favorite team!
    Do you have a hobby?
    Kustom Cane can make you a custom cane based on that favorite hobby!

    Do you need a cane to match a dress or just the shoes and purse?
    Do you need a cane to match a tuxedo or just the?
    Kustom Cane has almost unlimited options available.
    Do you have a favorite animal? Do yoo love cars, trucks, racing...
    Kustome Cane can design a cane personalized just for you!

    Kustom Cane uses Ambutech folding canes available in aluminum or graphite.
    Kustom Cane has over a dozen tips to choose from for your cane!
    Choose your favorite tip for your custome cane.
    Make your Kustom Cane Custom all the way to the tip!

    Contribute to a great cause!
    Wondering what to do with that old cane you no longer use in the closet?
    Imagine living life without a mobility cane and not being able to travel independently, if at all!
    In 2015, Kustom Cane began The You Cane Give Initiative.
    Is that drawer of used canes collecting dust and taking up space?
    Kustom Cane refurbishes the donated canes and sends them to individuals who are blind and visually impaired around the world who cannot afford or acquire a mobility cane.
    Do not let your old canes go to waste! “You Cane Give” allows you to help us give your used cane to a person far away who needs it!
    Please send any unwanted canes to:
    You Cane Give
    c/o Kustom Cane
    7303 Althorp Way
    Nashville, TN 37211
    Locker Room - Team Fan Gear
    Welcome to MiceILA!
    Adaptive products for the Visually Impaired
    MiceILA is full of products that will make independent living easier and less stressful for the blind and low vision population!
    Browse our store by shopping in the different departments or by using our search feature to find just what you need!
    If you can't find what you are looking for, give the Blind Mice Order Center a call at 713 893 7277!
    Welcome to On The Go!
    All U.S. ORDERS OVER $75.00 SHIP FREE* at On The Go!

    Hi, I am Julie, the founder and owner of On The Go and I have been a guide dog user for many years.
    I located many products that made working my dog a lot easier and What I could not find, I created!
    I started On the Go so I could share these great products with everyone!
    Please, come in and browse the unique selection of products offered at On The Go!

    U.S. ORDERS OVER $75.00 SHIP FREE* On The Go also ships to Canada

    On The Go is a company dedicated to providing the highest quality, affordable, handmade, custom and manufactured guide and service dog products. Some items are great for pet dogs and even cats! All products have been tested and used by blind and visually impaired individuals.
    I focus on comfort, function and color, while keeping the price very affordable. All the nylon webbing products are created and produced by me and used with my own guide dogs.
    Manufactured products are tested before being offered. Only the best get past my inspection and make it into On The Go
    I hope you will find products to assist you in being the best service dog handler you can be!

    ---- ORDERS OVER $75.00 SHIP FREE* ---

    New products are added often, so please check back.
    Always feel free to contact me with requests for a product. Many new products have been added to On The Go because of customer feedback.
    Custom orders are welcome!
    I do custom orders on the nylon webbing product line. If you find something close to what you want and need to make modifications, I am willing to do that for any of the webbing equipment that I personally sew. There is no extra charge for custom orders, but they do take extra time.
    Email On The Go Here!
    Print House
    Print House Blind and Low Vision Products
    Print Hhouse offers daily living products for the Blind and Low vision Community
    Orders Ship Free Matter For The Blind

    Come on in and browse around!
    Watch your head as we are under construction!
    Safety Tek
    Sundance Baking and Cooking
    Sundance Baking and Cooking has your baking and cooking needs covered!
    Ultimate Tech Mods
    Welcome to Ultimate Tech Mods! 
    We specialize in Easy and Safe Internal Memory Upgrades for second generation Victor Reader Stream 
     Wishing your second gen Stream had more internal storage? 
    Ultimate Tech Mods can grant your Wish 
    Have you corrupted the internal memory in your 2nd Generation Stream somehow? 
    Ultimate Tech Mods can fix the problem! 
    Increase the memory of your 2nd  Stream and store more in your 2nd Generation Stream! 
    That is more music, books, pod casts...more of everything you download! 
    The 32 GB memory Card from Ultimate Tech Mods increases the available storage for podcasts books and other content downloaded to almost a full 25 GB of memory
    The 64 GB memory Card from Ultimate Tech Mods increases the available storage for podcasts books and other content downloaded to almost a full 50 GB of memory
    Upgrading your 2nd Generation Stream  is quick and simple! 
    So simple, in fact, that you can do it yourself at home without sending your 2nd  Generation Stream away! 
    The 32 MB and 64 MB Memory Cards have all the firmware installed and ready to go! 
    All you need to do is replace the existing Memory Card in your 2nd Generation Stream with one of Ultimate Tech Mods new Memory Cards! 
    It is as easy as changing out a Syn Card in a phone! 
    Ultimate Tech Mods provides full written instructions and, if needed,  phone support allowing you to Upgrade your 2nd Generation Stream's memory  yourself!
    If you don't want to do it yourself, no problem! 
    Ultimate Tech Mods can upgrade your 2nd Generation Stream for you! 
    Send your 2nd Generation Stream to Ultimate Tech Mods and our expert technicians will complete the upgrade and return it to you
    fully upgraded and ready to go! 
    Ultimate Tech Mods Memory Card Upgrades also enables your   2nd Generation Stream to turn on faster. 
    Every upgrade purchased from Ultimate Tech Mods is extensively tested before shipping and has a one year warranty. 
    Ultimate Tech Mods will contact you after your order is received and will provide the guide for installing your new upgraded memory card. 
    Please allow  two to three days for order processing! 
    US Orders Ship Free! 
    International Orders are welcomes 
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    Welcome to Blind Mice Mega Mall - "The Mall with the Blind In Mind!
    Blind Mice Offices will be closed July 15 through July 19, 2019
    The Mice will be back July 22, 2019!
    Orders placed at Blind Mice Mart during the week of July 15 will ship July 22, 2019

    Blind Mice Mega Mall is designed for use with screen reader and low vision software for visually impaired shoppers!
    Each store is an independent business owned / managed by someone from the Blind / Low Vision Community!
    Please browse & shop the merchants at Blind Mice Mega Mall You will find great items and unique offerings from our merchants! !
    Best of all, every purchase benefits the Low Vision / Blind Community!
    ** **
    Have a MICE Day!
    Make It Count Everyday!

    (713) 893-7277

    Merchant Specials for BlindMiceMegaMall.com Members!

    New! Black & Decker Talking Toaster Oven Save 15% $339.99 Read About & Order Here

    Want to place an order?
    You can call the Blind Mice Order Center to place an order for anything you want to order from Blind Mice Mega Mall!
    Open Monday - Friday 9 am - 4 pm
    You help the Blind Community every time you make a purchase from any of the merchants at Blind Mice Mega Mall
    Every purchase made at Blind Mice Mega Mall gives back to the Blind and Visually Impaired Community!
    Proceeds from sales fund the MouseHole Scholarship Program, the Cooking In The Dark Show and The Movie Vault!

    Join the Today's Cheese newsletter to get Members' Only sales & Unadvertised Specials from the merchants at Blind Mice Mega Mall
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    Blind Mice Swap Shop
    Sell, Swap, and Buy
    The Mice receive calls everyday asking if we buy or sell used or unwanted items.
    The Mice don't sell used products but to help our members, we created the Blind Mice Swap Shop!
    The Blind Mice Swap Shop is the place for Sellers, Traders, & Buyers to find each other!
    Do you...
    have something you don't want anymore...Post it for sale on the Blind Mice Swap Shop
    got something you just don't use...Post it for sale on the Blind Mice Swap Shop
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