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	Journeys is here to brighten your day!
Summer Blow-Out Sale! Save 25%
We are blowing out our inventory and the savings are yours!!
Save 25% on our entire inventory!
Everything is on sale!
Quantities are limited so Order Today!
Whether you choose a beautiful necklace or bracelet, a bottle or two of our fragrant room sprays, an arthritis 
	blend or another essential oil, a collection of healing crystals, or abundance oils, be assured each item will enhance your life.

	All items in the Your Eternal Essence line are made with pure, 
	essential oils.
	These oils have been used since ancient times for medicinal, as well 
	as psychological effects. Western pharmaceuticals are actually made 
	out of some of the same plants from which the oils are distilled.
	Each bottle is hand blended by myself, Ann Bliss with love.

	     We encourage you to browse the store.  There is something for everyone!  Perhaps it is a crystal solution pouch to reduce your blood pressure or one for peace and harmony.  Give it a try!
	Beautiful Necklaces, Bracelets & Pendants
	Browse our elegant jewelry and you will find a bracelet, necklace or pendant that will enhance your spirit and accent your outer self too!

	Because we know your money is tight, 
	all U.S. orders ship for $6.95
	Sorry, international shipping is not available.

	We welcome calls related to essential oils, pain management and other 
	health issues. Please check back often as new items will be added...

	Happy shopping!

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Owned By: Ann Bliss
Manager: Ann Bliss
Phone Number
845 282-0643
Hours of Operation
10 AM to 8 PM Eastern M-F
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