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Mouse Hole Scholarships
sponsored by Blind Mice inc

The Mouse Hole Scholarships are closed for 2017.
They will open for 2018 on February 15, 2018!
Welcome to a dream come true! The Mouse Hole Scholarship Program began as a dream in 2000. It became a reality in 2004 with the first scholarships being awarded to deserving students.
The MouseHole Scholarships are open to any graduating High School Student that is visually impaired or sighted with a parent that is visually impaired.
Every purchase made in the Blind Mice Mega Mall and contributions made by you during the year grow the MouseHole Scholarship Fund for that year! The Scholarships will change from year to year depending on the amount in the MouseHole Scholarship Fund at the end of the year! The goal of Blind Mice Inc is to offer more and larger scholarships every successive year!
Remember, everytime you make a purchase in one of the many stores at Blind Mice Mega mall the Scholarship Fund grows a bit larger!
Blind Mice Inc has offered over $28,350.00 in scholarships to deserving students pursueing their college degrees!
This was possible because of your support of Blind Mice Mega Mall and all our merchants!
The scholarships are open to visually impaired students and also to sighted students with visually impaired parents.
Let's all work together to make life better for everyone!

Blind Mice Shoppers raised over $2,900.00 in 2016 for the Mouse Hole Scholarship program.
Blind Mice Inc is adding another $600.00 to the Mouse Hole Scholarships!
2017 Mousehole Scholarship Awards

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The topic for last year's essay:

Mouse Hole Scholarship 2017 Essay Topic
Applicants are asked to write about the following:

The year is 2027. You have just received an invitation to your 10-year high school reunion. Thoughts of the past fly through your head. As you reflect upon the past 10 years, write about where you are in your life in the year 2027.

The essay should be a combination of fact and fiction. Use your imagination, experiences, and dreams to create your essay!
Here are some questions to get you thinking!
A winning essay will be composed using these prompts in a very creative manner!
Please don't put our judges to sleep with a boring essay!
Don't be afraid to have some fun with this essay and dream a little!
Remember, it is ten years in the future! Let your imagination go!
About You:

About college:
After College:
Again, this essay is an opportunity to dream a little about your future and to tell us about yourself in a creative manner.  
The length of the essay should be between 6 and 15 pages.
Essays will be judged on originality, creativity, grammar, spelling, and the judge's overall impression of the applicant.

Please contact us with any questions: By E-mail:
By Phone:
call: 713 893 7277

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