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Product ID: MKZ
Control Number: 5062578
Magnetic Can Koozie
In today’s portable world what could be better than to have a drink coozie that can follow along with you, keep your drink cold and allow you to be hands free. Our collapsible magnetic can coolers are made with a very strong magnet sewn into one side and will adhere to just about any metal surface that can be found near you.  Not having a flat surface to rest your drink on is no longer a problem… find a metal surface, stick it on and enjoy the conversation!
You will always be able to find your drink.
Avoid accidental spills, or losing your drink with our Magnetic Can Koozies!
Make that party special and amaze your friends next time you have one of our Magnetic can koozies and they don’t! 
Everyone will want one!
Magnetic koozies are made from a high quality neoprene (wetsuit) material. The coolie color options are Black, Blue, Pink, Purple,& Camo!
Great places to use your Magnetic Can Koozie
Truck and car doors
file cabinets
metal desks
Metal Chairs and  metal table legs
Metal doors
Really, anything metal!
The magnets are strong and will hold your drink securely!
These Koozies have held a 12 ounce can in place on a truck door while the truck reached a speed of 30 MPH!


Suggested Retail Price: $6.99
Mice Price: $3.99
Weight: 0.1500 pounds
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