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Product ID: VIP-3000
Control Number: 3196066
V I P 3000 Talking Thermostat
Watch/Listen to You Tube video of the VIP 3000 Talking Thermostat with Talking Thermostats owner, Henry Cohen

The accessible VIP 3000 is the newest member of the VIP family and the most popular model.  The VIP 3000 is a universal heating - cooling talking thermostat
designed specifically for persons who are blind or have low vision.  The VIP 3000 can control most Gas, Oil and Electric 24 Vac Heating and Air Conditioning
Systems including the newest multi-stage (up to 3 stages of heat and 2 stages of cooling) furnaces, air conditioners and heat pump systems.  The VIP 3000
can also control Heat Pump / Dual Fuel (Hybrid) systems with 1 or 2 stage Compressors and Auxiliary Heat.  The VIP 3000 has enhanced speech functions including
a talking Fan Button (fan on - fan auto), the System Button (heat-off-cool-auxiliary) and optional auto-changeover. 

Talking Thermostats introduced the VIP Series in 2003.  The VIP Series are the first accessible digital thermostats that were specifically designed
to offer audio playback of indoor temperature, temperature settings and programming instructions so blind and visually impaired users can precisely and
easily manage their indoor comfort. 

Today, thermostats are difficult to read and adjust because they have LCD displays and flat surface keypads that do not provide tactile feedback.  The
VIP 3000 provides the necessary feedback in the form of a human voice.  Everything that is shown on the LCD display is also spoken.  With each press of
the over sized up or down arrow shaped buttons, the talking thermostat “speaks” the temperature setting to the user, i.e., 68, 69, 70, etc.  Pressing the
“REPORT” button, the user hears the current room temperature, temperature setting and mode.  Other thermostat settings are also easy to perform because
of the built-in voice instructions. 

In addition to the voice instructions mentioned above, an audio CD (compact disk) with complete instructions to operate and program the VIP 3000 is included
with each thermostat.  These instructions are in MP3 and Wave file format and can be listened to using a CD player or computer.  A text file is also included
that can be listened to using your favorite text to speech software. 

The VIP 3000 is a single zone battery powered thermostat that can be setup for either programmable (setback) or non-programmable (manual) operation depending
on the application.  In the programmable mode, the homeowner can preset the house temperature.  The unit can automatically raise or lower temperature in
the house at pre-determined times of day such as when the occupants go to bed at night, rise in the morning, leave the house for the day or return home
in the afternoon.  In the non-programmable mode, all automatic setback functions are turned off and the VIP functions as a manual “talking thermostat”. 

The VIP uses four AA batteries with a typical battery life of 18 months.  When batteries get weak, a low battery announcement will be heard when the “REPORT”
button is pressed.  The low battery announcement begins approximately 2 weeks before the batteries completely fail.  This gives the user ample time to
change the batteries.   

The VIP has built in freeze protection.  In the unlikely event the thermostat is inadvertently turned off, becomes inoperative or the batteries fail, the
residence will be maintained at 40 degrees until the problem has been corrected.
Please Note: The VIP Talking Thermostats are not designed to work with high voltage electric baseboard systems or high voltage electric wall heaters. 

Suggested Retail Price: $189.00
Mice Price: $187.00
Weight: 1.0000 pounds
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