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CloseOut! Too Much Sex Causes Blindness T-Shirt Combo (Small - Medium)
Too Much Sex Causes Blindness! Spread the word!
Tell Everyone how you really lost your eyesight with this fun novelty white T-shirt combo. Get a short sleeve and a long sleeve Too Much Sex Causes Blindness T-shirt! Each shirt has the words "Too Much Sex Causes Blindness" framed by the "Sex Feet" design printed on it in bright red and blue puff print. The puff print allows the totally blind to "see" the design by touch! These white T-shirts are 6.1 ounce heavy weight 100% preshrunk Cotton T-shirts; one short and one long sleeve shirt.
Available Sizes: Small to Medium
Design description:
The text, “Too Much SEX Causes Blindness”, is printed on four lines that are center justified.
The words “Too Much” are on the top line in royal blue lettering that is about an inch tall.
The word “SEX” jumps out from the second line in bright red letters that are about three inches high.
The third line has the word “causes” in blue puff print in letters that are about an inch tall the same size as the top line.
The bottom line has the word “Blindness” in bright red letters that are a little Mediumr than 2 inches high.
All this text is centered inside a border that frames it.
The boarder is made up of the “Sex Feet design
The “Sex Feet are about an inch high and create a frame around the words as the design is repeated all the way around the text.
They really dress up and add a little charm to the design.
Description of “Sex Feet design:
The “Sex Feet” are 2 sets of footprints with one pair inside the other pair. The pair inside is pointing down and the second pair, with one footprint on each side of the inside pair is pointing up. Looking at the design gives the illusion of one person laying on top of the other with the person on top laying inside of the legs of the person on the bottom. (Now you know why these are called “Sex Feet”! (smile)
There is a right footprint pointing up, then a left footprint pointing down, then a right footprint pointing down, and then a left footprint pointing up!
The entire design is printed in puff print so you can feel them and see what they look like!
The outside footprints, the ones pointing up, are in bright red and the inside footprints, the ones pointing down, are in royal blue!
The logo is printed on the front of the shirt and measures roughly 12 by 14 inches.
T-shirt Description:
The shirts are Gildan 6.1 ounce preshrunk white 100% cotton T-shirts; one short sleeve and one long sleeve T-shirt.
Preshrunk cotton shirts are 10% Mediumr than 50/50 shirts and keep their shape much better.
Select Size: Small, Medium, Medium, or Medium
Suggested Retail Price: $52.50
Mice Price: $26.00
Weight: 2.4000 pounds
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