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Vibrating Harness Lights by Fluffing Awesome
These bright harness safety lights vibrate on demand to let you know when they’re on or flashing. Encapsulated in silicone and sealed with an O-ring, they’re super water resistant (but not quite waterproof). Stretchy silicone straps contort and wrap around almost any shape and clip virtually slip free. They've been tried on many points, curved and flat, on many guide dog harness types: (Guiding eyes, Seeing eye, Fedelco, Guide dogs for the blind, Pilot, an on the go harness handle,) - and even a white cane! When the button is pressed and held, the light vibrates to indicate the mode. Once the button is released, the vibration stops and the light remains on. There is no vibration when the light is turned off. They have 2 modes, flash and solid on. They come in 2 colors, white or red. Note that white is brighter but red provides a longer runtime. Technical specifications: Diameter 1.3”, Depth .8”, clips to most any shape from approximately five eighths inch in diameter to over an inch and a quarter. Powered by 2 CR2032 "coin" batteries. White light is 20 lumens with a runtime of 3 hours steady on, 8 hours flashing. Red light is 4 lumens with a runtime of 11 hours steady on, 18 hours flashing. These times are approximate. The lights don't turn off at the runtime; they just fade as the battery gets weaker. You'll be able to easily feel the vibrations fade as the lights dim. They have an easily accessible battery compartment on the back. When clasped the light is like a big gaudy ring you might (and can) wear on your finger. The top, where a gem might be, is a slightly domed lens where the light shines out. The back, where the battery compartment is, slightly curves inwards to fit fingers, harnesses, bicycle frames and what have you. The band is made of two stretchy loops held together by a plastic clasp. The clasp wraps pretty much completely around one of the loops, though there is a tiny gap if you hunt for it. The clasp wraps almost completely around the other loop but leaves a larger gap on the outside just big enough to work the band in and out of - but you'll have to pull and stretch because it's a very tight fit to hold the light securely. How to put it on a harness: It’s a super tight fit on a chest strap or bunny ear, but that's what you want, as the tightness keeps the light from spinning around or falling off. Hold the light in one hand and stretch a strap with the fingers on the same hand, thumb under the clasp. With the other hand, stretch the second strap as far as you can, and hook the plastic clasp in place. NOTE: This process is easier with an on the go harness handle, as you don't have to work the light's straps around a thick strap or bunny ear, but it still is held in place perfectly. In 2 and a half years we have yet to have one fall off of a leather harness or the on the go handle. For example, the lights have been bumped on chair legs and table legs, rubbed against walls, ran along a concrete bridge on accident, and caught on bars underneath bus seats, and haven't fallen off once. Note about harnesses with bunny ears: We find that we have to wiggle and push and pull the light into place if we're putting it on a harness with bunny ears. Getting fingers behind that ear can be annoying, so working from the side helps. If you put the light off center things go on lots smoother. Then once the clasp is together, you can scoot the light into the middle of the ear, light facing outward.
Suggested Retail Price: $29.99
Mice Price: $29.99
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