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Product ID: MO-2Pmt
Control Number: 3894039
Magic Chef Talking Microwave $69.99 Down & 4 $75.00 Payments Purchase Plan
 Magic Chef Talking Microwave $69.99 Down & 4 $75.00 Payments Purchase Plan Image
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Purchase the fantastic Magic Chef Talking Microwave on our conveniant $69.99 down Purchase Plan!
$69.99 down (plus shipping) & 4 payments of $75.00
That's it! No interest...no hidden charges!
Easy and Simple!
Plus, you will receive a Free Microwave Cookbook (available in your choice of formats: Braille or electronic text file. Select format at time of purchase.)
How the Payment Plan works:
After we receive your down payment of $69.99 plus shipping we will review your purchase.
Once approved, your microwave order will be processed.
When it ships, we will bill your first $75.00 payment 
(Microwaves are modified  upon order and usually take about 3 to 4 weeks to ship)
After you receive your microwave, your 3 remaining $75.00 payments will begin the following month.
We will process your $75.00 payment on the 3rd of each month.
That's it! No Interest! No hidden fees!
Easy and simple!
* The microwave shipping weight is 38 pounds...
Shipping charges for U.S. customers is are about $45.00
Shipping charges for Canadian customers is usually around $125.00

This 1 cubic foot 1000 watt Magic Chef Microwave is modified with a new control pad so functions speak in a male voice for the blind.
Used by Dale Campbel on the Cooking In The Dark Show!
The new control pad features 12 buttons, 4 rows of three buttons, similar to a telephone key pad layout! The buttons are raised and easily found! Plus a short press of any button will announce its function! The Microwave has 4 adjustable power levels, a timer feature, voice feedback when setting, and more.
When it begins cooking, it will announce the amount set for cooking, the power level, and that it is starting!
You can even get the time remaining during a cooking cycle.
White Only
20” W x 12” H x 15 3/8” D.
Note: No LED display.
** Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for shipment **
* 1000 Watts maximum cooking power
* 1.0 Cubic foot oven space.
* Clear male voice with adjustable volume level in 8 steps.
* Adjustable cook time from 1 second up to 99 minutes.
* Adjustable power level, 4 power level settings: Hi, Medium, Low and Defrost.
* Built in kitchen timer, adjustable from 1 second up to 24 hours 59 minutes.
*AM/PM clock,
* Attend to food timer. This feature permits you to stop the oven every so often, within the cook time, to stir or reposition your food. Adjustable up to 59 minutes, 59 seconds.
* Enhanced Keypad: each button of the keypad is a raised ring to make them easy to locate by touch. A momentary press of any button will tell you what the button does.
* Removable glass turntable.
*Microwave does not have a digital display.
This talking microwave was designed with the visually impaired in mind. Included:
* CD Audio instruction CD..
* Written instructions on how to use the talking portion of the oven

Please Note: A 10% restocking fee charged on microwave returns.

Suggested Retail Price: $69.99
Mice Price: $69.99
Length: 15 3/8 inches
Width: 20 inches
Height: 12 inches
Weight: 40.0000 pounds
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