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Product ID: 1510CMB
Control Number: 231903
Pourfect" Chefs Combo Set
The Pourfect Chef's Combo combines all of our fantastic Pourfect Products into one great package!

^ Pourfect 6 piece Mixing Bowl Set
The Pourfect Mixing bowls have unique features that are ideal for use by visually impaired and blind cooks!
^ Pourfect Braille 9 piece Measuring Cup Set
^ Pourfect Braille 12 piece Measuring Spoon Set
The Pourfect measuring cups and spoons offer the largest range of sizes available anywhere and are labeled in braille!
Pourfect Mixing Bowls, Measuring Cups and measuring Spoons are Microwave and Dishwasher safe!
They are available in White, Black, Red, or Blue
Pourfect Products are made In the USA
The Pourfect Mixing Bowls, braille Measuring Cups, and Spoons were designed by a blind chef!
They are ideal for all cooks; blind, visually impaired, or sighted!
More About the Pourfect Mixing Bowls
Pourfect Bowls: “The Original Spill-Proof Bowls
The Pourfect Mixing Bowls were designed by a chef after he lost his eyesight. The bowls eliminated the issues he faced as a Chef without vision with several unique features. These features make these bowls Pourfect for every Home Cook, Blind, Low Vision, or Sighted!
These unique features make these the last measure, mix & pour bowls you will ever need.
^ Easy Grip allows bowls to Rest comfortably over your index finger, using your palm and thumb instead of grasping with your fingers
^ Egg Cracking Ledge conveniently located to crack eggs while keeping the entire cracked egg inside the bowl
^ English and Metric measurements located inside the bowls
^ Gull Wings fold ingredients back into bowl toward the pouring spout COMPLETELY eliminating overspill
^ Pouring Channel aligns ingredients to flow smoothly to the pouring spout
^ Pivot Point securely positions bowl on another container improving control while pouring
^ Dripless Spout stops drips from running down the front of the POURfect® Bowls
^ Non-slip rubber ring on bottom adds stability to POURfect® Bowls when mixing ingredients
^ Microwave Safe
^ Dishwasher Safe
^ Made In USA
Pourfect Mixing Bowl Sizes

^ One Cup Pourfect Bowl
^ Two Cup Pourfect Bowl
^ four Cup Pourfect Bowl
^ Six Cup Pourfect Bowl
^ Eight Cup Pourfect Bowl
^ Twelve Cup Pourfect BowlSelect Color: White, Black, Red, Willow Blue
More about the Pourfect Nine Piece Braille Measuring Cup Set
The Pourfect measuring cup Set offers the largest range of sizes of measuring cups available anywhere. You will always have the Pourfect size measuring cup.
^ Labeled in Large, easy to read Bold Text in English, Metric and Braille
^ Calibrated Measurements are Guaranteed accurate
^ MatteFinish exterior
^ Comfort grip handles with thumb depression
^ Polished Bowl allows ingredients to release easily
^ Flat bottoms allow cups to rest on counter without spilling
^ Six largest measuring cups have rubber stabilizing rings (1/2 cup and larger cups)
^ Dishwasher Safe
^ Microwave Safe
The Pourfect 9 piece Measuring Cup Set includes these measuring cup sizes

^ 1/8 Cup
^ 1/4 Cup
^ 1/3 Cup
^ 1/2 Cup
^ 2/3 Cup
^ 3/4 Cup
^ 1 Cup
^ 1½ Cups
^ 2 Cups
More About the Pourfect 12 piece Measuring Spoon Set
The Pourfect 12 Piece Braille Measuring Spoon Set has measuring spoons in sizes ranging from 1/64 teaspoon up to 2 tablespoons, all Labeled in braille and print! You will not find a wider range of measuring spoons available anywhere!
^ Labeled in Large, easy to read Bold Text in English, Metric and Braille
^ Calibrated Measurements are Guaranteed accurate
^ MatteFinish exterior
^ Comfort grip handles with thumb depression
^ Scrape Level used to level ingredients for exact measurement
^ Each spoon releases from ring for easier use
^ Polished Bowl allows ingredients to release easily
^ Microwave Safe
^ Dishwasher Safe
The Pourfect 12-piece Measuring Spoons sizes:

^ 1/64 Teaspoon (Drop)
^1/32 Teaspoon (Smidgeon)
^ 1/16 Teaspoon (Pinch)
^ 1/8 Teaspoon
^ 1/4 Teaspoon
^ 1/3 Teaspoon
^ 1/2 Teaspoon
^ 3/4 Teaspoon
^ 1 Teaspoon
^ 1 1/2 Teaspoon
^ 1 Tablespoon
^ 2 Tablespoon
^ Leveler Included
Suggested Retail Price: $81.85
Mice Price: $65.48
Weight: 5.2000 pounds
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