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Cooking in the Dark Apron
This apron sporting this cool blind mouse chef will please anyone! Logo is screen printed on chest with puffed print so it can be seen with touch! Measures 28 inches long from waist and 23 inches wide. It has two pockets.Blind Mice Exclusive!
The apron is a natural color made of a cotton blend. It has ties at the waist and a loop to hang over your neck. The two pockets are just below the waist line. The logo is approx. 10 inches wide and 12 inches high and is of our mascot, Bart B. Cue. He is a gray mouse and is a little plump. For those that remember Jerry of Tom and Jerry, he looks very similar. He is wearing dark sunglasses reminiscent of ZZ Top’s song, “Cheap Sunglasses”. He has his chef’s hat on and a spatula in his left hand, just ready to start cooking. He is posed at a 45 degree profile and his tail has stitches in it where it was sewn back on after the run in with the farmer’s wife. On his vest are the words “Cooking in the Dark” in black letters. Written in cartoon lettering under him is the motto of the Cooking in the Dark show and e-mail list, “You Don’t Need Sight to Cook Dinner Tonight!”. His vest, the stitches in his tail, and the motto under him are Purple. He is outlined in black and the spatula and tail are also black. His chef hat is outlined in black and his inner ear is a bright pink. Of course the sunglasses are black! All the black printing is puffed so it can be seen through touch and the motto is outlined with purple puff print too!
Suggested Retail Price: $35.00
Mice Price: $28.00
Weight: 1.0000 pounds
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