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Product ID: Galaxy-Trade
Control Number: 2902801
I.D. Mate Galaxy with I.D. Mate Quest Trade-In
Trade-In and Trade Up!
The Mice at Blind Mice Mega Mall will discount the price of an I.D. Mate Galaxy with the Trade-In of an old I.D. Mate Quest!
Trade-In & Trade-UP to the New Galaxy!
Here is how the Trade-In Special works:
Purchase the I.D. Mate Galaxy Trade-In Special.
We will process your order for shipping and contact you with instructions for returning your old I.D. Mate Quest.
We send you a new I.D. Mate Galaxy and you send us your old I.D. Mate Quest after your receive your Galaxy!
Simple and Easy!
Trade-In & Trade UP and start enjoying all the great new features of the new I.D. Mate Galaxy Bar Code Reader!
Please contact our Sales Department with any questions!
(713) 893-7277
I.d. mate Galaxy is a portable “all-in-one” talking bar code scanner that aids visually or print impaired individuals with the identification of items via the product’s bar code or UPC. Using text-to-speech and digital voice recording technologies, it allows users to access an on-board database of product descriptions, along with a tailored set of recorded voice messages. With i.d. mate Galaxy, the user can quickly add additional voice recorded information to existing products or to items not found in the database. Additional bar code labels are available to label any product or item that does not already have a bar code. Adhesive, tag, and clothing labels can be placed on nearly anything. Simply scan the bar code and add a voice recording. And with i.d. mate Galaxy, you have an additional mode of identification and information access through wireless Internet connectivity, which provides for an extended database. Technology Text-to-speech and digital voice recording technologies allow the blind or print-impaired user to access items in their environment with a simple scan of a bar code. This talking bar code scanner provides instant identification of products, access to information, and affords a more independent life. Programmable bar code labels are provided to label any item that does not already have a bar code. Built-in database items include grocery, health & beauty, pets, cleaning, vending, and CDs & DVDs. Extended information such as instructions, ingredients, and warnings are included for many items. This multi-million item database is just the beginning; it can be tailored to personal needs by adding items. Country-specific databases are available for the United States, Canada, England, Australia, and New Zealand. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity make the database truly infinite. With direct access to numerous Internet resources, the user can update the database, as well as search unidentified items online. MP3 capabilities allow the user to store and access music and audio files. Features list of 13 items • New, More Ergonomic “Wand” Design • Laser Scanner – quick, reliable scans • Lightweight & Portable – 7 ¾ inches, 11 ounces • Micro SD Memory Card – 8GB capacity • Memo Recorder – record, play, and erase messages • Inventory Capability – manage product inventory • Rechargeable Battery – high-capacity LiPo battery • Earphone Jack – amplification and privacy • Alternate Connectivity – Wi-Fi and Bluetooth • MP3 Capability – music, audio storage, and access • Multiple Languages – English, German, French, and Spanish • Date & Time – international time zones • Instant Software Updates – download through the Internet list end Functions & Applications list of 11 items • Bar Code Scanner • Date & Time • Media Player • Online Product Search • Home, Work, Hobbies • Groceries & Food Preparation • Vending & Warehouse • CDs & DVDs • Credit Cards, Playing Cards • Clothing, Shoes & Accessories • Storage & Organization list end Regular Price: $1,299.99 We have 3 ways to purchase: 1. Buy it for a one time payment of $1,169.99! You Save 10%! https://www.blindmicemegamall.com/bmm/shop/Item_Detail?itemid=2902797 2. Buy The Galaxy on our payment plan, $99.99 Down & 12 monthly payments of $100.00 Each month for 12 months your credit card will be billed for a $100.00 payment. No interest, no additional fees! https://www.blindmicemegamall.com/bmm/shop/Item_Detail?itemid=2902799 3. Do you have an I.D. Mate Quest? Trade it in on the New Galaxy and get the Galaxy for $879.99! Save $$$! Place your order for the New I.D. Mate Galaxy and we will get it on itsway to you. We will send you a Trade-In reference number for your old Quest andthe the address of where to ship your Quest. Please don't hesitateto call us with any questions! Blind Mice Sales 713 893 7277 Ship us your old Quest andwe will get your new Galaxy on its way to you! This price for the I.D. Mate Galaxy is with a trade in of an I.D. Mate Quest. Please return the Quest within 30 days of receiving your new Galaxy. If the Quest is not returned, you will be charged the trade-in value of the I.D. Mate Quest $460.00.
Suggested Retail Price: $1299.99
Mice Price: $849.99
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