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Visually Impaired Yoga Combo
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The Visually Impaired Yoga Combo has everything you need for practicing Yoga correctly and effectively!
Included in the Visually Impaired Yoga Combo


Visually Impaired Yoga Mat

The ROUSETTUS® Visually Impaired Yoga Mat
Our mat enables blind, limited-sight, and physically challenged users to practice yoga safely and confidently.
The VIYM is designed in three dimensions,
with tactile raised and depressed features called ''stations'' strategically placed to
help the challenged yoga student feel where his or her hands, feet, and head should be placed for all 24 basic yoga postures.
These intuitive tactile feedback features also help students to feel their location and direction on the mat,
helping students obtain crucial body alignment during a yoga posture sequence.
Prior to the Yoga Mat for the Visually Impaired, yoga students faced discouraging challenges. They often had trouble detecting the location of their body and the direction on the mat in which they were facing. Balancing in yoga postures was awkward: without any visual clues, students had a difficult time sensing and reaching ideal body alignment.
tactile features:

The Yoga Mat for the Visually Impaired can be used by young people and adults alike in physical education classes, rehabilitation facilities, community centers, and at home or in a yoga studio. Thicker than a traditional mat, the Yoga Mat for the Visually Impaired comes with its own handy carrying strap and can be rolled or loosely folded for easy transport to school or studio. It is easily stored at home. Designed for a person of average size (5' 3" or taller), the Yoga Mat for the Visually Impaired easily accommodates individuals who are shorter or taller who need only to adjust their stride for a comfortable fit. Product Features:

Users of the VIYM rave about it!

carrying Bag For VIYM

The VIYM Carrying Bag is Specially designed for the Visually Impaired Yoga Mat.
Measuring 26" by 7.5", the bags are large enough to fit a rolled VIYM® mat and other items, such as a water bottle, towel, or an extra t-shirt. Each bag
is accented with the Rousettus® logo in gold.
he VIYM Carrying Bag is made from recycled materials!
It is Green.


Instructional DVD – Basic 1 and 2 Series Set

These instructional DVDs for use with VIYM® guide the practitioner through an informed yoga practice.
The Basic 1 and 2 Series leads the student first through an explanation of the mat and its layout, and then moves into centering and pranayama, warm ups, a posture sequence and ends in guided relaxation over a period of about 50-60 minutes.

The Basic 1 Series DVD features the following:

• Introductory Remarks (5m, 7s): Notice & Precautions, Description of the Mat, Body Parts & Definitions 
• Centering & Pranayama(2m,14s) 
• Warm-Ups(10m, 47s): Neck Stretch, Shoulder Stretch, Arm Circles, Hip Stretch, Toes, Ankles, Wrist Stretches, Cat and Dog, Torso Circles, Runner’s Stretch
• Posture Sequence(30m): Simple Mountain/Mountain, Standing Squat, Warrior 1, Bridge, Half Wind Relieving Pose, Cobra, Bow, Half Locust, Child Pose, Great
seal, Spinal Twist, Forward Bend 
• Guided Relaxation(3m, 15s) 
Length: Approximately 51 minutes

The Basic 2 Series DVD features the following:

• Introductory Remarks (8m, 49s ): Notice & Precautions, Practice Yoga Safely, Description of the Mat, Body Parts, Definitions & Terminology 
• Centering & Pranayama(2m, 14s) 
• Warm-Ups(14m, 51s): Neck Stretch, Shoulder Stretch, Arm Circles, Side Stretch, Hip Stretch, Toes, Wrists & Ankle Stretch, Cat and Dog, Thread the Needle,
Hip Circles, Runner’s Stretch 
• Posture Sequence(34m,13s): Mountain, Modified Half Moon, Triangle, Tree, Boat, Knee Down Spinal Twist, Inverted Turtle, Frog, Bound Angle, Posterior Stretch,
Spinal Twist, Forward Bend 
• Guided Relaxation(3m, 20s) 

Note: Unfortunately, due to health regulations, we cannot accept VIYM® returns. We cannot accept returns on the DVDs once the seal has been broken.
Suggested Retail Price: $114.00
Mice Price: $102.60
Weight: 5.6000 pounds
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